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    Framus Texan 12-String

    12-String Framus Texan, used. No fret wear, very good condition plays very well. Great Vintage guitar with all original parts.
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    Framus Zenith Ivor Mairantz Archtop top F Hole Jazzer 'Super Cutaway Deluxe 33'

    Framus Zenith Ivor Mairantz Archtop top F Hole Jazzer 'Super Cutaway Deluxe 33' During the late 1950's the renowned Jazz and Swing Guitar Player Ivor Mairantz, in partnership with the London Based Instrument dealer and importers Boosey and Hawkes, commissioned Framus to produce three different models of Jazz Guitar, the 'Model 17', the ...  More
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    Vintage Framus Acoustic 12 String Guitar

    Vintage Framus Guitar Auctioning a Vintage Circa 1960s Framus 12 String Acoustic Guitar , No Cracks does have wear scuff Marks et, Also needs new Strings , made in Germany , sorry no Case, Nice Vintage Guitar up for Auction.
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    Framus Studio 5/51 sunburst archtop 1968

    Up for auction is a 1968 Framus Studio 5/51 sunburst archtop guitar made at the Framus-Werkes in Bavaria. Tobacco sunburst finish with figured bookmatched top and back, trapeze tailpiece, height adjustable rosewood bridge with plastic saddles, F holes, laminated neck, and 3-on-a-side plate button tuners. This guitar is solidly made and has been wel ...  More
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    Framus 5/296 Texan 12 string guitar 1968

    For sale is my 1968 Framus 12 string guitar. This Guitar is in great shape. Very playable. There are only two blemishes, one is the foil on the headstock which came off and is in the case to be put back on. The second is where it looks like the neck was adjusted wrong and it chipped the lacquer a bit. I play this all the time and the action is nice ...  More
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    1965 Framus Figaro Nylon 6 string guitar

    This is a fine example of a long now closed guitar factory in Germany. Before the war and after Framus made violins, hence the convex body. A good example of day's gone by..
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    early FRAMUS parlor steelstring BLUES GUITAR Germany 1950 vintage Player

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    Framus 740 acoustic guitar, 1960s

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