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    Framus Hootenanny 12st Flat top fork Acoustic guitar 1964 Vintage Soft case F/S

    eBay Description Framus Hootenanny 12st Flat top fork Acoustic guitar 1964 Vintage Soft case F/S I will introduce this time, although one famous for being familiar with John Lennon 's favorite during the movie "HELP!", From the small number of productions it is particularly rare superleak collectible Framus Hootenanny 12st in the Beatles gear It wi ...  More
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    2 Guitars &1 Song, 2 Framus 5/197L & 5/197 Jumbo Acoustic 1966, 1 Song w/Rights

    eBay ***NEW PRICE*** Started at $5,000 - Now $2,500 Selling 2 Acoustic Guitars and 1 Song w/ its Copyrights. Both are Framus Jumbos. The Natural is a 5/197L EX made in December 1966, and the Sunburst is a 5/197 made November 1966. Both are in spectacular original physical condition. Even though they are both over 50 years old they look better than ...  More
    Your Price: $2500.0
    Vintage Queen Harp Acoustic Guitar

    eBay Brand Queen Harp Probably built in Japan back in the 1960's or early 70's. It was most likely intended for the Japanese domestic market, not for export. My guess is that it came back to North America with a GI after he served a tour of duty over there. Model / Serial Number No model or serial number apparent. Items Description Vintage Queen Ha ...  More
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    Framus Archtop Parlor Guitar 5/51 Studio Red Burst Heart Of Bavaria Vintage!

    eBay Feel free to contact me for a in hand inspection! PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR MANY MORE PICS! Vintage Framus Archtop Framus 5/51 Studio Archtop Parlor Guitar Great Condition Overall Plays Great Without Issue PLEASE DO NOT mistake picture glare for flaws.. If you think your seeing something not mentioned in this listing, please ask!! There are lots ...  More
    Your Price: $495.0
    Vintage FRAMUS J-296L Acoustic 12 String Guitar

    eBay Vintage FRAMUS J-296L Acoustic 12 String Guitar An old vintage Framus J-296L Twelve String Acoustic guitar!!! It has what I think is a bound Mahogany top, a 21 fret Rosewood fretboard with Pearl dot inlays on a cool striped grain neck(Not sure what type of wood the neck is but looks great with the multi-grains, Raised arched Mahogany back, Adj ...  More
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    Framus 5/59/with semi hard case USED

    eBay Description Framus 5/59/with semi hard case USED All the items we provide are 100% authentic First come, first served Condition : Used, Very good condition No problem in use. It seems quite useful, there is a feeling of use on the whole. Also, although it seems that pick guard was originally attached, it seems that it was removed, and its trac ...  More
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    vintage FRAMUS 5/3 CAMPING black rose Jazz Blues campfire GUITAR Germany 1961

    Your Price: $160.0
    Framus 5/59 (529

    Your Price: $1282.53
    Framus Legacy FD-14SV Vintage Natural Left-Handed Acoustic Guitar #151014309

    Your Price: $255.0
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