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    early FRAMUS sunburst parlor Wander GUITAR Germany 1950 vintage Player Collector

    early vintageFRAMUS Wander - parlor guitar Handmade in Germany arround the mid 1950sThe model can not be found on the vintage Framus page or anywhere seems to be a very early model coming outfrom the beginning of the Framus production in the early 1950s about 94cm total length, scale lenght approximately 62,5cm - solid sunbusrst spruce to ...  More
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    Framus Texan

    12-string Framus Texan, 1960's, in very good shape, all original parts
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    1965 Framus Figaro Nylon 6 string guitar

    This is a fine example of a long now closed guitar factory in Germany. Before the war and after Framus made violins, hence the convex body. A good example of day's gone by..
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    Framus 740 acoustic guitar, 1960s

    60's Framus model 740 hand-built in germany...heeless neck joint , neck is laminated from over fifty pieces of maple.. finger board is select rosewood..bound body has an arched back made of mahogany crafted in the traditional jazz style...ebony bridge with metal overlays......this is truely an instrument made during a time of european excellence! C ...  More
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