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    Vintage Framus 73J Right Handed 12 String Acoustic Guitar Made in Germany

    Vintage Framus 73J Right Handed 12 String Acoustic Guitar Item came to us we are a pawn shop. We do not know the history of this item. Guitar is pre owned, overall in fair cosmetic condition (consider its age) Neck is straight, body has wear, small cracks and moderate scratches from age and normal use Guitar plays and sounds great We charge a resto ...  More
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    Older FRAMUS acoustic Guitar made in Germany

    Framus acoustic guitar, made in Germany (West Germany), serial number 606926, good condition though probably needs new strings. There's a small nic or dent on the bottom of the body (see image) that does not penetrate into the interior of the guitar...otherwise good shape...The bottom of the guitar is not flat. It was made with a rectangular outwar ...  More
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    vintage FRAMUS 00320 redburst parlor parlour Blues GUITAR Gitarre Germany 1977

    vintageFRAMUSmodel 00320Blues GUITARMade in Germany January 1977 about 98cm total length, scale lenght approximately 63cm - solid redburst top with with white original pickguard - redburst parlor size maple body with solid nice flamed sides, nice flamed arched maple back, lower bout 34,5cm, center bout 21cm, upper bout 26,3cm, side hight about 8cm ...  More
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    Model 03000 Studio Framus Archtop Acoustic Guitar in red burst

    03000 Studio Vintage Framus Archtop Acoustic Guitar in redburst finish Product Description This Framus Archtop was made in Germany, as it states in 2 places on the body. Framus offered this model from the 50's until the mid 70's. What we do know is that it just had a new set of strings put on, and it has a great looking Red burst Finish. It does sh ...  More
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    small vintage FRAMUS 50/8 parlor parlour Jazz Blues GUITAR Gitarre Germany 1961`

    vintageFRAMUS50/8TEENAGERparlor Jazz Blues GUITARmade in Germany in November 1961 about 90cm total length, scale lenght approximately 57,5cm - brown shaded top and small parlor size maple body (lower bout 30,5cm, waist 18cm, upper bout 23cm, sides hight 6,5cm - set maple neck, moderate U-shape, rosewood fingerboard, 18 slim brass frets + zerofret, ...  More
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    Framus Texan acoustic guitar

    1974 Framus Texan model 05311 hand-built in germany...heeless neck joint , neck is laminated from over fifty pieces of maple.. finger board is select rosewood..bound body has an arched back made of mahogany crafted in the traditional jazz style...ebony bridge with metal overlays......this is truely an instrument made during a time of european excel ...  More
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    small FRAMUS 50/1 L parlor steelstring BLUES JAZZ GUITAR Germany 1970` vintage

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    Framus Missouri Archtop Guitar

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