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    Klira Jonny 201 (Framus) 6-string acoustic guitar w/softshell case & new strings

    Klira Jonny 201 (Framus) 6-string acoustic guitar w/softshell case & new strings Used, very good condition. Listing includes guitar and softshell case. Guitar and case show normal wear. Guitar had new strings installed in late November 2015.5801100901 Please refer to attached photo package. This is the exact item you will receive. PLEASE NOTE T ...  More
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    Vintage Framus Werke Bavaria West German Acoustic Guitar

    Vintage Framus Werke Bavaria German Acoustic GuitarLabel reads - Omega 3 or N3 - #13522 - 4H or 64h date code? so maybe August 1964I'm using the coding system from - framus-vintage.deAt it widest point its around 13 3/4" - Total length 38 1/2" - Neck is around 12 1/4". The action seems high (last pic) - around 1/8" at the highest point. There looks ...  More
    Your Price: $150.0
    fine vintage FRAMUS 5/1 BLUES fingerstyle parlor GUITAR Gitarre Germany 1972

    eBay auction template vintageFRAMUSmodel 5/1 parlor Blues steelstring fingerstyle Acoustic GUITARMade in Germany 1972 about 98cm total length, scale lenght 63cm - spruce top with celluloide binding, sunburst (brown shaded), with original Framus celluloide pickguard, nice mosaic soundhole rosette - parlor size body, nice flamed arched back, solid ma ...  More
    Your Price: $198.0
    framus vintage 12 string

    vintage framus 12 string made in germany plays good and ships with case
    Your Price: $299.99
    Vintage 60's Era Framus Lute Guitar Project

    Here is a very rare Framus lute guitar from the 60's in need of major restoration. It looks like it has had several previous attempts, none of which has been successful. Can't tell for sure if it was a steel string or classical but the tuners, which function as they should, have metal rollers and the bridge, which may not be original, is the pin ty ...  More
    Your Price: $129.0
    unusual & vintage FRAMUS parlor Jazz Blues fingerstyle GUITAR Germany 1960s

    eBay auction template vintageFRAMUSmodel ??parlor Jazz Blues steelstring fingerstyle Acoustic GUITARMade in Germany around the 1960s about 93cm total length, scale lenght approximately 63cm - solid spruce top with laquered esges - parlor size maple body with solid sides, lower bout 34,5cm, center bout 21cm, upper bout 26,33cm, sides`height 7,5cm - ...  More
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    Framus Acoustic Guitar Texan? Project Vintage 60s?

    Your Price: $77.77
    Acoustic 12 String Guitar---- J-296L FRAMUS

    Your Price: $175.0
    1960's Framus Western 5/195B with soft case

    Your Price: $289.0
    vintage FRAMUS 5/1 Jazz BLUES fingerstyle GUITAR black rose Gitarre Germany 1972

    Your Price: $168.0
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